/“Catalyzing Creativity”, em Nova Iorque

Neste dia 9 de junho, Jorge Forbes participa do “Catalyzing Creativity – A Forum for Ideas and Action”, fórum sobre o desenvolvimento da criatividade, da inovação e dos recursos humanos, promovido pela Pompei A.D. – parceira da ToF Consultoria – e por Sir Ken Robinson.

A proposta:

“Global culture – in business, technology and the arts – is undergoing dramatic transformations. Our ability to adapt and drive innovation to stay ahead in a global economy will depend on the extent to which we unlock the powers of creativity inherent in all of us. Catalyzing Creativity offers executives and creative thinkers the opportunity to explore together the forces that are shaping our new economic and cultural horizons. These events for top-level executives from around the world comprise a unique program that brings together information, ideas and experiences at the forefront of creative thinking and innovation.”